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8 - "My Way" by Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is one of my favorite DJs. Hailing from the United Kingdom. He worked hard saving money in his early 20s so he could eventually quit his job to produce music and DJ full time. His first big track came in the early 2000s when electronic dance music (EDM) wasn't even popular. Now Calvin Harris is one of the most popular DJs in the world with millions of fans and many popular EDM tracks. One of my favorite songs by Calvin is the song "My Way."

Like I've said before and will say in the future, I like learning from everything, especially music. By listening to and reading the lyrics of songs you can find truths that are so valuable. In Calvins song "My Way" I found a unique truth about business and life. Doing things "My Way" reminds me of all the people who have started businesses and live life on their own terms. Everyone wants to do things at the right time or the right way, when in fact it's best to do things your way, or as Calvin puts it, "My Way." Then when you look back on your life you can say you did it your way and have no regrets.

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