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Learn about health from my podcast where I interviewed people who have lost a cumulative of thousands of pounds.

1) Counting Calories is the first step to understanding your health. It's easy to read the nutrition label on the packaging of what you eat.

2) Understanding what you drink is the second step. Drinking more water throughout your day will keep you hydrated.

3) Eating appropriate amounts means eating before you feel your stomach beginning to expand. When you feel this stomach expansion you should stop eating. Your stomach is usually a few minutes behind your brain so it's best to eat slowly. You shouldn't feel stuffed after dinner. You should be able to at least go for a walk after dinner without feeling lethargic. Your stomach also takes a ton of energy to breakdown the food you ate. This is why you want to fall asleep on thanksgiving after eating everything in site. It's also why people feel tired in the afternoon after eating a big lunch. Visit CLEMENTINE.CO to get the stomach product which makes it super easy to eat super healthy!

4) Fasting is a great thing to do every day. We don't need three meals a day. We only really need one meal a day (OMAD). That is why eating OMAD is a popular diet for people want to lose wight. When you eat less meals your blood sugar levels drop and you start burning fat for energy rather than the sugars in the food you eat. It is essentially starving yourself and the more you do it, the more weight you will loose. I don't do OMAD. I fast until noon. I eat 2 meals a day along with eating appropriate amounts. Then I can eat whatever food I want wether it's a salad or a cheeseburger.

5) Workout. Go for a walk or do some exercise during your day for 10-20 minutes. Just note eating appropriate amounts is the key to weight loss since it's hard to out work a bad diet.

6) Ketogenic diet is the best diet to lower sugar levels and burn fat. Eating less carbohydrates, about ~5%, is the key to the ketogenic diet.
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