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76 - The Next Iteration

Updated: 6 days ago

How to find the next iteration?!

Analyze every product, service, or problem.

Ask yourself why it’s good and why it’s not good.

Can you make something that is better and cheaper, ect?

I did this with I observed that graphic cards used for blockchain mining used lots of electricity, heated up, and thus needed cooling down. I linked up with an electrical engineer who made our 5oz mining rig. It does more mining than 15 graphic card rigs that cost $8,000 each. It uses much less electricity. Does't heat up and so it doesn't need cooling. We got 10,000 orders in 1 and a half hours. We needed to stop selling so we could fulfill all the orders. We sold it to NVIDIA.

I also came up with the next iteration of electricity. I started a company to build solar farms allover the world. I took investment from the leaders in the illuminati. Then we found electro magnetic resonance (EMR). Essentially, we can charge your house, cell phone, electric car and other electric devices with electricity that comes out of thin air. We disbanded the solar farm company and the leader of a country said I could keep his money and if I ran out he would give me more money.

Next, I came up with the next iteration for washers and dryers. I observed that I hate moving clothes from the washer to the dryer. I dreamed up a combo where the washer is on top of the dryer. The clothes get washed in the washer that is located on top of the dryer. The clothes then fall through a trap door down into the dryer and get dried so you don't have to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer on your own. I sold this idea to General Electric.

I also came up with the next iteration for wifi. I can give you wifi anywhere in the world. This will give your phone, tablet, and computer wifi wherever you are in the world. I am combining this with Red Camera cell phone so people with the phone can get wifi calling and texting for $10 per month.

I was lucky to be on the forefront for the cure for cancer. This is the next iteration for chemotherapy. The cure for cancer is a serum found in Acai trees. It is injected into the tumor and kills the tumor without killing the organ. It can be found at my Premee Clinics. My Preventative Medicine clinics will not only provide the cure for cancer, but we will also provide the cure for heart disease. It's the most common ailment that kills people. It is a 5 minute procedure that most people, even doctors never thought to do it annually as a preventative measure via an annual Premee clinic visit.

I used an existing technology to come up with the cure for blindness, deafness, stomach technology and a myriad of other ailments using stem cells in the 5th dimension. You can visit CLEMENTINE.CO to see everything we can do with the 5th dimension technology.

I own the rugby league in the US. I observed that people love rugby and that there was a shitty rugby league in the US. I knew I could get a tv deal. So I bought the league for pennies on the dollar and started the process for developing the rugby league. It came together beautifully and people love it!

Farming is clumsy and takes up ample water and only has 2 - 4 yields max. Most agriculture goes toward feeding cattle and other farm animals. I am fortunate to work with someone who is at the forefront for farming via indoor farms. These farms produce 10-20 yields locally making food far more accessible and cheaper since it doesn't need to be shipped from a far location. You can install an indoor farm in a manufacturing facility right near a supermarket. Then you can bring the produce from the manufacturing plant aka indoor farm to the store for people to buy. Also, fun fact, if you are on the ocean you can actually use salt water to provide water for the indoor farm!

I am working with Weight Watchers and Instacart on the next iteration for several things. I found the next iteration to super markets, eating healthy, and picking food via robots in an Instacart only store. What we are doing is sourcing Keto friendly foods that are healthy and taste great. We are working with Instacart so only Instacart shoppers are allowed in the store which is located in a manufacturing plant. Then we are working with NVIDIA to produce a robot that does the picking and putting products in the bag for an Instacart shopper to deliver. It will also make it easier to order healthy food in bulk so it's cheaper to source and eat a healthy, low carb, and fat friendly diet.

Gen3rationK is my next iteration educational software charity. What we did was observe schools and colleges. I saw schools aren't what they could be. Then I thought about what they could be. Somewhere fun, where students can have a great time learning with their school mates. I got in touch with Sal Khan. I learned so much from his videos on all different subjects. I partnered with him to make more videos for . The videos range from K-12 and 18-23 years old. Kids from allover the world love the videos. We paid teachers $110,000 in the USA. We paid teachers way more money than they were previously making. They love the pay and not having to make lesson plans everyday. There is no homework or tests so kids can hangout at school and enjoy life. I found a way to make laptops cheaply for kids. Last, I observed college is expensive. This creates a barrier for entry for poor people. The poor people can't go to college, get a degree, and can't get a solid job. They may never make it out of their shitty situation. I didn't want there to be any barriers for GenK so I made everything free. This will allow any student to get a GK degree. This will help them get a job after 23 years of age as I am taking the stock market private so I will own all the public companies. Even the laptops we are giving to students will be free. I won't make any money on this venture but I am changing the world. I am filled with gratitude and hope others will follow my lead making companies that aren't only about the bottom line.

I took the stock market private. I observed the government prints money. The government regulates the stock market. Why doesn't the government take the stock market private. I'm in the illuminati where the greatest businessmen and minds are located. They wanted me to take it private so I did. Now there is little to no chance the country will have a recession.

We found the cure for homelessness. Essentially, we help relocate people in California to a remote spot in Nevada called Winnemucca. There is a place for people to stay and get their lives back in order. Wether it's reuniting with family or restarting there life. Our cure for homelessness is key to helping people out of a bad situation. Then people can sell plasma and make $3,000 per month to pay for rent and groceries at the local Walmart.

Plasma, plasma, plasma. The next iteration for Universal Basic Income (UBI). People are able to sell plasma and make $3,000 per month selling plasma 2 times per week or 8 times per month!

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