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75 - Business

Updated: Jun 10

Everyone wonders how to start a successful business. I want to break this idea down so you can start your own business.

Ever business breaks down into two things. The brand and the product. Every business is it's own brand. Whether it's a chocolate bar like snickers. A store like Costco. Or sell tickets like Taylor Swift. You must pick a brand that stokes you and makes you want to grow it everyday.

Next you must pick a product, service or tickets that you can sell to customers. Customer's generally don't come easy. By identifying your target customers; you can start selling your product(s) to them.

By identifying your brand and product you can begin to build your business. I've found you need to spend 3 years to build a business before you reap any rewards, aka money and time. This is why you must do something you love working on and thinking about for no money.

Below is my Build-A-Business program. Use this program to build a cool business you love spending your time working on!

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