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6 - Demons and Gifts

Everybody is born with demons. It's the dark side that we all have. And it's the demons that if we let take control of us can tear us down to unimaginable levels.

Everybody is also born with gifts, strengths, and super powers. By using our gifts in concord with our super powers, we can go to unimaginable levels. Think about Tiger on the golf course. Scotty and Micheal on the basketball court. Tom and Peyton on the football field. When your whole focus is on becoming great in your field, you can do what these amazing athletes have done in their field. Will you make as much money and gain as much admiration as these guys have? Probably not. But that is ok because the only thing that matters and that drives these guys is reaching their potential. Anyone can do that in any field they are in. The money, fame, love as David Theroux eloquently put it is nothing compared to finding one thing. Truth.

Truth is all that matters. You can search for it in everything you do and when you find a bit of truth. Hold onto it. Cherish it because it matters. It's all that matters. It will help you fall in love with your field and allow you to reach new heights. Who knows, maybe you could be the Tom Brady of your field, office, or company. By focusing on your gifts, you will be able to double down on what you love and maybe even become great.

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