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3 - "You Aren't Your Circumstances"

This saying might seem unimportant and incoherent. It is an incredibly valuable statement that I came up with. It derives from me living a life I love and feel happy to be living. It means I can be happy even when my circumstances don't compare to the standards set by society. It means I can be happy when I don't have lots of materials. It means I can be happy when I don't make lots of money. It means I can be happy when I don't have the fame or relationships I desire.

When you start feeling bad about things in your life, remind yourself "you are not your circumstances." It is a conscious decision you can make to realize this. It is a conscious decision you can make to be happy and live joyfully. Yes there will be times when you don't feel like being happy. But the more you can separate yourself from your circumstances, the more you can choose to live a life you love. This will help you be happier and more content. When you are happy, people will be attracted to your energy. People will choose to be around you more. They will want to be around you. Then, everything will fall into place- professionally, personally, and emotionally giving you everything you desire and hoped for.

You don't want your self worth tied up in things that aren't meaningful. For example, if you feel bad because you don't have money, then you are stipulating to yourself you will only be happy if you have money. Having your self worth tied up in your net worth is not meaningful and dangerous. It creates a condition. I will only be happy when I'm "x." When I'm "x" is the condition. What if you lose your money, materials, or business? Then, your conditions change and you will give up and sacrifice your happiness. You only get 1 life. Don't sacrifice your happiness for unfruitful conditions.

Here is what I do and it has worked well for me for the last several years. I once read people lose happiness after age 25 and don't start becoming happy until around age 45. That scared me to death. I didn't want to live an unhappy life for the next 20 years. So, I chose to develop my happiness. I made it based on 5 things. My thoughts, opinions, beliefs, ideas and energy. I don't even base my happiness on work or relationships because that would create more conditions that could one day be out of my control, and cause me to be unhappy. When I base my happiness on those 5 things, I can be happy anytime around anyone.

Feeling happy anytime around anyone feels authentic, natural, and good. I think it has worked perfect for me. I would recommend everyone think about their circumstances. Are your circumstances good or bad? Are they dictating how you think and feel? How can you dissociate your happiness from your circumstances to give you more control, freedom, and happiness so you can live a better, more fruitful life.

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