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23 - Focus with Daniel Goleman

Focus is one of the 9 key senses that when understood correctly, can allow you to accomplish amazing things. Focus can be broken down into 3 main parts. Outer, inner, and other focus.

Let's talk outer focus. Outer focus is the focus that relies on your eyes and what you are seeing occur in the world around you. Without being outer focused you can become blindsided by what is going on around you. Think Blockbuster getting blindsided by Netflix. That is why it's good to always be observing, asking yourself what is going on in the world around me. How is my work positioned next to the competition. What are the potential potholes that I am not seeing right now. By being aware and alert you can help your company navigate any and all potential pit falls. That is how you stay ultra outer focused and keep your work safe.

The inner focus is on how you feel you are moving in the world around you. Inner focus is on exactly how you are feeling by asking yourself, how do I feel? If you have a business decision, ask yourself which decision do I feel is correct? By being diligent and asking yourself these questions, you can ensure you are grounded and are making the best decision based on your intuition. When you have a CEO who isn't grounded and has little inner focus, we find that they make decisions that are close to being the best decision, but are a little off. Like a canoe flowing down a river without a rudder. The CEO making rudderless decisions is nothing you want to be apart of.

The last focus might be the most important. It is called other focus. This focus is the most important because without it, bad things happen. For example, when the biggest companies in the world get hacked by individual hackers, this is a result of an employee without other focus. This means someone in the company was absolutely clueless and either gave up vital information or didn't do their job to make sure things were buttoned up. These things seem like they will never happen, but as we have seen in multiple scenarios they happen quite often although it does feel like there hasn't been a large scale hack in quite a while which is a good thing. The key takeaway is to always be asking yourself is something missing. Is there more I can be doing to make sure nothing happens. How can I be proactive rather than reactive. By knowing what questions to ask yourself and actually asking them, you will find the answers that keep your work safe from potential dangers.

As you can see focus is far more important a subject than you or I expected. Focus takes years and years to hone. It takes years and years to figure out the right questions to be asking yourself. Now you understand the different parts of focus and also understand what questions you should be asking yourself. If you would like to talk about focus and how to apply it to your job, this is something I enjoy talking about so please do not hesitate to ask.

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