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21 - Never Trust Anyone Fully In The Professional Realm

I was listening to the audio book "Titans" which is a biography for John D Rockefeller. It was in this book I heard a profound statement. When John D was a child, his dad would have him jump from his high chair to him. One day, Johns father had John jump to him, but rather than catch him, Johns father let John fall to the floor and told him a valuable lesson. The lesson was, "never trust anyone fully." His father even said "don't even trust me fully." What a profound statement and lesson that he taught his son. The truth is we all come into this world alone and we leave it alone. Yes you can trust people, but putting your full trust in anyone is dangerous. Especially if you are relying on someone to save you. Instead, put your trust in yourself and that is the only person you should fully trust as a male in your professional life. When it comes to the relational side of life, if you are a man or women, you can absolutely put your trust in your spouse. That is one of the reasons for marriage. So you can feel totally secure in your relationship and trust each other fully.

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