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17 - Clint Eastwood and his Lexus

While watching David Letterman interview Ellen DeGeneres on his Netflix show, they walked outside Ellen's studio and saw Clint Eastwoods car. I'm not sure who is older, Clint Eastwood or his car. I'm only joking. I think it's great Clint drives an old Lexus to work. It's especially fascinating that Clint is still showing up to work at 90 years of age. I hope I am showing up to work at 90 years of age. Good for Clint that he found work he loves. And that he found a vehicle he loves too. This world is so materialistic and people think they need the newest everything. Clint is a great example that it doesn't matter what you own. What you own doesn't define you. What matters is what you do and how much you enjoy doing it.

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