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5 - "Bleed For This"

I learn from everything I see and observe. It could be a movie, song, or someone on youtube. This movie, "Bleed For This" is a great example of a movie I learned valuable information from. The story is about a young boxer who suffers a traumatic injury leaving his body nearly paralyzed. It was a stressful movie to watch because I was scared he was going to re-injure himself. Fortunately, he is able to nurse his body back to life and fight again one last time. At the end of the movie is the clip I linked above from the movie.

He says 2 things that I will take with me to my grave. The first thing the interviewer asked him was "what do people tell you that is a lie?" He answers, "It's complicated." That's his answer, it's complicated. When she has him elaborate, he says, "the truth is, it's simple." Things in life are simple. If you put in the work and do something you love, it will turn out good. If you don't, then it won't. Life is simple.

The next thing I love that she asked him about was his opinion on "giving up." He replies, "you know what scares me is that it's...easy." He is absolutely spot on with this statement. It's much harder to have a dream or mission in life and find the reasons you need to stay on your mission. It's much easier to find reasons why you should quit or give in to the pressure. Staying focused and committed is what it takes to work hard and have a dream. When you can find the reasons to get up everyday and fight for your dream, you have found what it takes to be successful and live life. This, in my book, fighting for your dream on a daily basis is what true success looks like.

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