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74 - Good Eating Habits Are Sexy

Women and men should value eating habits because they tell how you will look months and years down the road. Especially, if you are shallow as I am, hoping to date the hottest girls on the planet.

What are good eating habits?

I will define "good eating habits" as someone who eats until they are satiated, not full. Never stuffing yourself and expanding your stomach!

For example, if you find someone who can eat a whole pizza, or eats 2nds or 3rds, this person is a bottomless pit who will gain weight and become fat over time, even if they are in shape now. You must watch out for people who are bottomless pits because humans-especially women-are actually more attractive to men bodies than men are attractive to women's bodies. I can attest I think women that are in shape are super hot.

I also think it's only fair as a man to desire women who are in shape. Thus, I think it is my duty to stay in shape if I expect the same out of my partner.

If you want more on health, I did a podcast ~50 episodes. You can find it under "Self Development" in the "H3ALTH" section.

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