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70 - Be A Cool Guy

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Why should you be a cool guy? Well, we know women just want to have fun. This is a true fact. Thus, women are looking for a fun guy who can entertain them and make life more fun. Cool guys make others laugh and have fun. That is what women are looking for in their life. Becoming a cool guy is an ambiguous subject, so I laid out some of the things I did so you can become a cool entertaining guy on your own!

-Does what he wants.

-Go on a trip to find yourself and be independent.

-Find work you love.

-Find 2-3 things you like doing that bring you joy?

-Search endlessly for whatever you are looking for. Don't stop until you find it! -Find your sense of humor.

-Learn how to make people laugh and be self amusing.

1. Think about times where you felt funny and happy.

2. Think about times where you felt sad and depressed

3. Think about how you can make yourself feel the feeling you are searching for. Happy or sad.

4.Think about jokes or stories that made you laugh your ass off. Identify this humor so you can be more self amusing and help other people around you laugh while still making yourself laugh and goof.

5. Make a decree that you will search your past and become more self amusing in your present. The more you think, question, and search for times you felt self amusing or were amused will help you become one with your humor bone and help you enjoy life more.

6. Humor can also make people like you. You can make people laugh at work. Micheal Jordan was constantly making people laugh at practice and at games. Same with Kobe. Use humor as your super power to get what you want out of life and to have fun with life. -Find a best friend and a group of 2 other guys to hang with and do life together...go out, party ect. -Find a girlfriend or partner to share life with.

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