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66 - Potential Algorithm For Life

Men: Find a partner to marry around age 36.

Women: Find a partner to marry around age 32.

Wait until you have kids to get a dog.

If you get a dog before you have a partner, you are imposing that dog onto your potential partner.

Cats are ok to get, but you run the risk of having a cat that hates the dog. I grew up with a cat that was ~14 when we got a dog. Every time she was near the dog, she would hiss and get upset. Also, you will have to have someone take care of the cat when you are away on vacation.

Waiting for marriage to have kids is a good strategy as both of you are committed to your relationship. Some people have kids immediately after marriage, others wait. Once you have kids, it's the perfect time to get a dog. This is because you have kids to take care of, why not get a dog to grow up with your child. Then, you can get the perfect dog that you and your partner fall in love with.

I recommend getting your dog trained professionally so you will have the perfect companion that listens to you.

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