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12 - What is a great Businessman?

A great businessman takes time to define. Yes, they are patient, frugal, and make sacrifices like we discussed in the "Ozarks" blog. A great businessman is also someone who has multiple attributes that allows him to navigate multiple realms. It allows him to navigate the professional, personal, and relational realms. I will explain how a great businessman works and applies himself in each of these areas.

A great businessman are in the professional realm because it is his work that he holds dearly to him that allows him to have a professional realm. It's his work that he does that makes up much of his self worth and self esteem. Without his work he would be nothing. That is why the professional aspect is so important. If it didn't exist then there would be no reason to even think about the other realms. That is why professional is not only the most important, but it is necessary. Without it, the man is nothing. That's why one must know exactly what his work is and how it relates to the professional realm.

For the personal realm, a man must understand how his work effects his family and friends which make up the personal realm. For the majority of men with businesses, they need to understand how their work effects their friends and family. Is the man spending all his time working and neglecting his family and friends? If this is the case, then the man needs to reprioritize his work because family is far more important than his work. Not to say that work isn't important, but no one should not be neglecting anyone, especially if they have a family they should be taking care of.

The last spot most businessmen don't see, but the best businessmen do see is "relational." How do you make life so amazing for your executives who are so talented that they want to stay working with you for years and years. This is relational management 101. By having people who love working for you that are extremely skilled, it will take away some of the stress of owning a big business. By thinking about each individual employee you can begin to understand exactly what makes them tick and by understanding this, you can make their life great. In turn, they will make your life great. Do you think guys like Jeff Bezos do it all alone? The answer is no, they have talented people who are working at each level of the business making sure people are doing the work without becoming complacent. This couldn't be done without the relational understanding and asking yourself how can I make each person great while also developing their strengths and weaknesses. Relational might seem to be the least important, but in reality, it's the most important aspect to building a big business that is complacent free.

That is how a businessman relates to the professional, personal, and relational aspects of life! Let me know if you'd want to discuss any of these aspects or want to think about how you can develop your employees on a new level that will make your business better for you and your employees. This is something I enjoy discussing in detail and would be more than happy to talk about with you in person.

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