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49 - Things You Can Do When You Are Bored

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

-Go on a trip once a month to disengage.

-Stop posting on social media.

-Use your phone less.

-Buy small gifts or flowers.

-Be spontaneous!

-Make a cool cocktail!

-Go get dessert.

-Try a new restaurant for fun.

-Let your kids pick where you eat dinner.

-Make dinner.

-Clean feet with warm water.


-Have sex. Put a girl into multi orgasmic mode.

-Singing or playing instruments.

-Listen to music.


-Use a sensory deprivation tank.


-Run or exercise.


-Listen to an audio book or podcast.


-Write your thoughts down on paper to get them out of your head so you can think about more new things.

-Learn from educational videos on youtube.

-Watch a movie.

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