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61 - You Must Go All In

Many people preach you must find one thing you can do for a living. I think we should change this to finding something you can go "all in" on. Going all in on something is the way to find success. It's being able to go all in that gives you the patience, perseverance, and the desire to dominate that separates the top 0.1% of people from the rest of the pack.

Let's go over some people who have found success by gong all in.

Fluffy aka Gabriel Iglesias: He is a well solidified comedian that is still doing standup for small crowds 5 nights a week. He is all in.

D'Wayne "The Rock" Johnson: He is one of the top actors in the world. He still wakes up at 5am to get a workout in.

Bill Gates: He is one of the richest men in the world. He still pushes himself to learn by reading books` and running his companies and foundations.

Tom Brady: Arguably the greatest QB of all time. He works hard to maintain his body and throwing arm while continuing to play at age 45.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Multiple Ballon d'or winner. Everything he does revolves around soccer wether it's eating, exercising, practicing. He goes all in with the desire to be the best.

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