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60 - How To Become Well-Spoken

Animals don't communicate with language. Humans do. Communication is what separates animals from humans. This is why it's imperative to be able to communicate at a high level, and to be well spoken.

I once realized I wasn't well spoken. I realized this by asking myself what it means to be well spoken? I remember someone who gave a really nice speech at a wedding. I realized that this person was well spoken. I've also studied comedians, TV show hosts, actors, YouTubers, friends, and my family who are well spoken.

What separates people who are well spoken vs people who are not well spoken. I think the main thing is to be able to speak around a point. While talking, you can think about your point. This means you have to do two things at once: speaking and thinking.

You are probably wondering how do I become well spoken? First, you need to speak with people to develop this skill. Next, ask yourself questions and think on your feet to answer the question while speaking out loud. Most people only answer questions in their head. This is a mistake. You must speak out loud because you speak out loud in real life. The goal is to mimic real life situations. It will sound weird and clunky at first, but it will get easier and easier the more you do it. Last, ask yourself questions and record yourself using a camera or cell phone as you speak out loud. By recording yourself you put yourself on the line simulating a real world situation. This ensures your are speaking around a point. It also puts pressure on you like you may feel in a real life situation. Doing this again and again will help you get over social anxiety and feel comfortable communicating with friends or new people you've never met.

Next, I want you to be clear. If you are confusing people with big words or are unclear when you are communicating, you will not be understood. If you confuse yourself, or aren't clear, this is a problem. If people often ask you "what do you mean?" This might be a sign you aren't clear. It's key to recognize when you are on a tangent or are talking too much. You need to realize you should shut your mouth and be quiet to let the person you are communicating with to get a word in. It's best to treat speaking like writing a paragraph. Good writers keep the paragraph around 1 point. Do this for each phrase you speaking on.

Last, you must be precise so you aren't misunderstood. You can be precise using the right words. Be clear first. Then, describe things with accuracy. I know a lot of people I follow from Conan to Travis Rice and more. They have excellent vocabularies. It's something that is intriguing about them and it's one of the reasons why I follow them.

Falling in love with language is another way to fall in love with life. When you can sit down, have stimulating conversation with someone. Share a laugh. It helps you feel good and allows you to have a better connection with someone! This is what life is all about. It's what makes humans special!

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