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39 - Refinement

Refinement is a great term. It can be used to constantly improve something day after day. Week after week. Refinement is a term I like to apply to many areas in my life. It could be in the personal development area. It could be in the relationship area. It could be in the professional area. No matter which area you apply it to. Good things always come from it. Let's say you have a program that you made at your work. Rather than making the program and calling it good. Keep thinking about the program. Refine it to make it better and better. By doing this you will set yourself up for success when one day that program kicks ass and people enjoy it immensely. Refinement can also be found in how you approach your work. By also wanting to improve the quality of your work you can make things better and better for you and your company. Refinement can also be applied to how you approach you work at your company. To also working to refine your process you become a better and better employee who's colleagues like working with you, and who's colleagues like being around you.

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