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37 -Taking Full Responsibility

I want to do a blog post on taking full responsibility. When you take radical ownership for your actions you are accepting full responsibility. In order to accept full responsibility, you can't push the blame onto someone else. It could be in your professional, personal, or relational life. You must accept full responsibility if you want to be someone who wants everything life has to offer. When I think of someone who has everything life has to offer I think of a guy like Jeff Bezos or Kevin Hart. Both have different types of jobs. One owns a company, Amazon. The other is a creative who works as a comedian by day and owns his own networks and other outlets by night. The one thing that both of these guys do is take full responsibility for their actions. They aren't afraid to put their voices or images out there to see how things stack up. I invite you to take full responsibility for your actions. Bet on yourself. By doing so you give your self the chance to be great like the two guys I talked about in this blog.

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