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35- Hard vs Easy Decisions

Life comes down to the decisions that you make. Some decisions are easy. Other decisions are hard. I have found that it's the hard decisions that I have made that have pushed me into the position that I am in today. I find that many people make decisions based solely on money. For example, people will literally take a job because they earn more money, not because they will enjoy the work more. In this hypothetical scenario the person has a hard decision to make. To take more money or to take the job they would prefer to do. It's decisions like these where you should definitely take the job that you would rather do or else it will haunt you until you get your next opportunity.

Another decision that weighs between hard vs easy is deciding to start your own company. You will be starting at zero making nothing. For people who base everything off money, this is not a great decision. However, I want people to know, this should be the most obvious decision because this is where everyone who has done anything great in their life started. This is a hard decision that in actuality is very easy. With the right coaches and mentors in place, they will guide you to make this decision because life tends to work in opposites. Work for money, you will only be able to make so much as you will hit your employers limit. Work for fun and enjoyment and you put yourself in position to make more money than you ever thought imaginable.

One more decision that seems like a hard decision but turns out to be an easy decision is how much you should pay yourself when you are working for your company. Lets say you are working for yourself and your business revenue is 100k. Let's say 10k of that 100k is profit or surplus. Rather than pay yourself from the revenue, pay yourself from the profit. That way you will only be taking money out of your surplus. This is difficult to do when you are starting out because your surplus is smaller. But stick with it and keep reinvesting your money and eventually your surplus will grow beyond your wildest dreams. Lets say your profit it 10k. Practice the 95, 5 rule where you take out 5% of your profit each year as your paycheck. Then, reinvest the other 95% back into your business. It could be into new employees, product upgrades, saving money, whatever. By practicing this rule, the first several years will be hard, but it will pay dividends down the road as you get in the habit of practicing proper money management. Your company will thank you : )

If you feel you have a hard decision coming up, please don't hesitate to ask me. I've made many hard decisions and I can help you make the hard decision while also choosing the correct answer. This is something I enjoy thinking about so if you have a hard decision, let's get in touch to discuss it together.

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