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33 - Who has the most value in society?

Let's discuss who has the most value in society. The person who starts out with the most value in society is a beautiful women. She will be the most desirable person in the group because she is attractive and everyone wants to mate with her. She doesn't have to work for much other than to keep her appearance in line.

Then, we ask ourselves who could be more attractive than the women. The truth is, a king is always more attractive than everyone else in the society. Now what is a king. I would argue a king is someone who knows what he is doing professionally. He knows what he wants personally. And he knows what he wants relationally. A king is someone who has stuck with things for years and years to get where he is at now. A king has had to study, observe, and figure out the world to find his place amongst everyone else. It was not easy for him to figure everything out. But once he has, he can sit down and relax for a moment. He can take in all he has done and has had to do to get to this point in life. He should do this because he is now the most valued person in society. He deserves it because of all the work he has put in. Kings aren't born, they are developed. The next step is to let the world come to them and enjoy all the seeds they have been planting for the past few years.

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