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16 - Enneagram Decision Making

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Making a good decision is an art. It takes years to develop the intuition and value based decision making to steer your company in the right direction year after year. Some guys are great at this such as Ray Dalio who uses specific principles to make decisions. That is why I am obsessed with understanding the principles that it takes to make a great decision. By combining Enneagram and decision making you can see your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to decision making. Please also realize that you can improve your weaknesses when it comes to decision making. By reading over the document I created below, it's a great start to understanding how you can make better decisions.

I gleaned the information in the document below from Ian Morgan Chron's Podcast which discusses anything and everything Enneagram. A great recourse for those interested in psychology.

Typeology -

*If you would like to discuss decision making. This is something I am developing on my own as we go. Considering all the relevant information is very important and something I am slowly becoming an expert at. Let me know if you have a big decision you need to make, I'd love to help.*

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