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14 - Marriage

When it comes to relationships and marriage I am just becoming privy to how things work. I've been doing research in this subject because it's something I am very interested in. Anytime I am thinking about partaking in something in the future, I usually do far too much research to determine what the optimal route is for me. When it comes to marriage I have not only determined what the optimal route is for me as a man, I have also figured out the optimal route for women as well.

For men, this should come as no surprise, but men should get married later. I think the right age for men to get married is at 36 years old. I know this seems late but the truth is, there really is no set age for men to get married. 36 is right in the middle at the sweet spot. For most men comparatively this seems late but in reality it isn't. This gives the man enough time to make sure he is fully sustainable before taking on more responsibility in a wife and potentially kids.

Women on the other hand are attracted to older men and have a more pronounced biological clock with child bearing years. Therefore I think it is best for women to get married around 30. By this time the women has had enough time to get her shit together and it should be a perfect time for her to settle down and become a wife. Once a women decides to settle down, that should be the last time, therefore it is important to realize the gravity of these decisions so that there are no regrets down the road.

I will add that these ages do seem high comparatively but they do give each party enough time to get things figured out so they can be married and enjoy success on the professional side as well. I do believe it is worth it to take your time in the relational side because it impacts your happiness so much. I recommend people date for a minimum of 3 years before getting married. I have friends who are happily married and they followed this to a T. Deciding to get married in a shorter amount of time would be too soon and you risk being in a loveless marriage.

Talking about relationships is not my expertise, but I do enjoy discussing them. Especially when it comes to being a more attractive human being. If you have questions or want to be more attractive. Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

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