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63 - Mentoring

  1. Buy, invest, talk about investing and/or building assets, aka businesses that make money.

  2. Value things. Be happy and content with negotiations. Wandering eye will never make you happy.

  3. Control your emotions.

  4. Be aware of these emotions: sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, embarrassment, disappointment, frustration, and vulnerability. Do I have anger management issues?

  5. Ask why?

  6. Understand why things are the way they are?

  7. Understand your love language: Time, Gifts, Actions, Words, Physical Touch.

  8. How to help people realize things:

  9. Spend this next millennia helping people become more woke and enjoy life better. Live life to the max.

  10. Read blog.

  11. Read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

  12. Prioritize health by eating the right amount of food rather than stuffing your face with food. This means stop chasing the "stuffed full feeling" that causes your stomach to stretch which overeating causes.

  13. You should be able to go for a walk after dinner without experiencing any discomfort or lethargicness.

  14. Exercise.

  15. Ask critical questions about anything and everything.

  16. Go on a road trip to experience life and find yourself.

  17. Life isn't all about money.

  18. Be curious about everything.

  19. Write things down.

  20. Be well thought out.

  21. Make people feel good whether it's with communication, comedy, compliments or other avenues like the 5 love languages.

  22. Brush your teeth, smile, use mouthwash daily to kill bacteria and prevent cavities.

  23. Connect with people through communication.

  24. Communication is what separates us from animals.

  25. Think about what is fleeting verse not fleeting?

  26. What are the most important parts of life? 1) Personal 2) Relational 3) Professional.

  27. Study things.

  28. Ask why?

  29. Read and listen to podcasts and books

  30. Watch “Gary Vee Fan Page” to distill main points that are important to dominating life.

  31. Study Enneagram types.

  32. Realize you need to make sacrifices to get ahead.

  33. Prioritize relationships with family and friends.

  34. Do things that make you feel good and have fun.

  35. Learn another language.

  36. Study sex and other fascinating topics.

  37. Take one trip a month or weekend away traveling to break up the monotony.

  38. Smell good.

  39. Dress nice.

  40. Prioritize fashion.

  41. Get a job you enjoy and save money.

  42. Start a business to earn money using your disposable income.

  43. Find work you enjoy.

  44. Find work that is challenging and fun.

  45. Tidy up. Live in a clean space.

  46. Get an annual checkup, and blood draw each year.

  47. Be an active listener

  48. Study the “Brain Reframe” system for life.

  49. Conversate with people.

  50. Control what you can.

  51. Never give up control.

  52. Leaders eat last!

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