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42 - How To Evaluate People

When it comes to evaluating people, I tend to boil it down to Positive, Negative, Me, You, Other. Let's break this down further. A person is generally going to lean positive or negative. Yes there will be times when a person is more positive or is more negative but if you listen to them. Hear what they say. Observe what they do. You can pin them as either positive or negative. I tend to want to be around people who are more positive. People who enjoy what they do, whether it's work or play. This is why I want to be around more positive people in my personal, professional, or relational life.

Me, you, other is a way to determine someone's potential capabilities. For example, someone who is a "me" thinker is only going to think how someone effects them. Whether is what they do and how it effects them. Or if something happens they will only think how does this effect me. It's a more intuitive way of looking at life. For example, a me person will watch sports and only think I will be happy when my team wins. That is a typical me person. "You" is going to be comparing yourself with other people. It might come off as being jealous of someone. Or it could come off as being complimentary and happy for someone's success. I remember once I was jealous of DJs who seemingly had the best jobs in the world traveling around, DJing, playing for adoring fans. This comparison I made caused me to feel quite depressed until I recognized the amount of work and talent that DJs put into becoming what they are. Then I was able to become happy for their success and I felt much better. "Other" is the best of all ways to think about the people around you by asking how will doing "x" effect the people around me. You can put yourself in other people shoes and project the outcome. It's people who have a strong connection to other people that are able to make companies that help a large group of people because they have the ability to think outside themselves for a large group of people.

With this line of thinking, positive, negative, me, you, other, you can use it to judge the people around you. Whether it's your friends, employees, or potential employees. It's best to surround yourself with positive other thinkers because they can put themselves in your shoes and resist making decisions that will harm you. I also recommended thinking of questions you can ask people to quickly identify if they are positive or negative or me, you, other. You can also think of ways to develop someone from positive me to positive other. If you would like to talk about evaluating people, please don't hesitate to ask me as I enjoy talking about this immensely.

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