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40 - Humans Fundamental Flaw

Human beings are fascinating creatures. Creatures that can problem solve and use tools with the best of them. But when it comes to human fundamental flaw, we don't like to problem solve our selves. We all have issues and problems that need to be addressed, but we don't address them because of one thing. It doesn't feel good. We want everything to feel good so we would rather ignore out issues than tackle them head on. How can you create a full proof method to tackle your own issues? You can do this by practicing radical honesty. This means asking yourself what are my remaining problems. They could literally be anything. Then write them down on a piece of paper. Last, ask yourself what do I need to do to overcome this issue. By doing this once per month, you have a full proof method of overcoming your issues.

I would also recommend writing your problems down and discussing them with me if you have questions or curiosities on how you can overcome your problems. This is something I think about on my own and would like to think about with you.

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