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4 - What Does "Society" Mean?

Society is a collective of a groups thoughts, opinions, ideas and beliefs around a set of agreed upon principles that people view as valid. If you are to truly break down what the society is, which is what I am doing in this blog post, I would say the majority of the principles are acquired from the "marketing" done in that country on tv, radio, and social media.

Each country has different marketing tactics. Some countries are more ambitious than other countries. The United States is a country that has ambitious marketing because the people are more product driven and materialistic. This creates beliefs, ideas, opinions that successful men need new cars and newly engaged women need giant diamond rings to know their love is true.

The thing to realize when it comes to a society is that what you believe or should believe is not always the best thing for your happiness. Should a newly engaged couple with little money buy an expensive engagement ring? The answer is no, they don't need to because they know deep down they are in love. They don't truly need a diamond ring to signify their love and feelings toward each other. If the couple decided to forgo engagement rings, their friends and family who have been manipulated by society would try to convince the couple that they need engagement rings. The point being that society will tell you to do what's worse for your bank account and well being.

We must recognize when our beliefs are naturally derived from our own observations of the world we live in, or are our observations derived from the agreed upon opinions and beliefs that are set by society. By making this distinction, we can live a life that increases our happiness. A far cry from living a life that drains our bank accounts and diminishes our happiness. This small distinction will seem unimportant but can play a huge role in your life. I know it has in mine. I can explain this concept more in our conversations, so please write down any questions you might have so we can discuss them further. What has society deemed important in your life that you don't feel is that important? I look forward to discussing this concept further.

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