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28 - Having A Plan

Everybody wonders what's the difference between a comedian or a singer and themselves. I would say it comes down to one thing, "having a plan." The comedian has a rehearsed plan that he takes the stage with. Same with the singer. Some plans are easier than others but most of them take years to develop. Take for instance, the comedian, in order to tell jokes that people find funny, he's had to spend years and years honing his voice so that he can identify a joke people will laugh at versus a joke people brush off. The singer on the other hand has had to prepare music, maybe 10-15 songs. Songs are detailed yet take the same amount of years to figure out how to make songs that people will enjoy. Now that we understand what the difference is between a performer and us, which is having a plan. We can figure out how to make a plan in your life.

Figuring out what type of plan you want to make in your life takes time. It's the same for everyone. It took guys like Kevin Hart and Justin Timberlake years to figure out they wanted to become comedians and singers. It's going to take the same amount of time for you as well. I have two recommendations. 1) Don't sell yourself short. If you can dream it, then you can do it. Many people can never see themselves being there in the "spot," even though it's what they want. Don't sell yourself short. 2) Put in the time, effort, and work ethic necessary to make it happen and it will happen. It may take longer or shorter than you anticipated but it will happen eventually. You deserve it if you are good enough. Always make sure to hold yourself to a high standard. Whether you are a creative or business owner. By holding yourself to a high standard you will be your biggest critique and when you are you will be good enough for the main stage. You can do it. It's not easy, but it is fun and if you are having fun, you can't be stopped!

If you are thinking about a creative career path, I would absolutely be interested in helping you plan strategically how to go about becoming a creative performer.

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