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29 - Fame, Money, Success = Choices

After a player is drafted by the NFL he instantly has money, fames and success. After a player is drafted, he has the potential to get a big head and lose his way. Hopefully, the NFL has prepared the player for what is to come, but as we see all too often, many football players lose their way to money, fame, and everything that comes with those things. For a player to stay grounded and routed in his talent, he needs to be able to view everything that is happening to him with a different lense. I want to give that newly minted player the new lense from which to view things. Rather than viewing everything as what you have, view it as something you earned. How did you earn it? You earned it with choices. Choices you made to play your sport. To practice, to train, to get up early and put in the reps. When you view things as choices, you see what you've done up unto this point and what you can do to continue improving to get better which is exactly what your team and teammates want from you.

When you only look at the rewards such as fame and money, your head is going to go to the moon. These things feel really good and can almost be disorientating. This is not what you want to happen shortly after getting into the league. Instead look at your place in the pecking order. You are a rookie. Bottom of the barrel. You have zero pedigree or experience in the NFL. You are nothing. By having this delusional objective view of yourself and your place in the league, you can get your head out of the clouds and have your focus on what's most important, putting in the work. When you are focused on the work, everything will come into place and you can become your best self.

If you want to talk about how to view money, fame, and success. This is something most people don't consider discussing. But sometimes, it needs to be discussed. I enjoy discussing these things and would look forward to discussing them with you. Please don't hesitate to ask.

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