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24 - The 9 Senses









Unconditional Love

I know there are officially 5 senses with the 6th being proprioception. I would like to propose that there are 3 more senses that are just as valuable as the first 6. The last 3 senses might be more important than the first 6. Without Focus, you will have trouble doing your work. Without empathy you won't be able to think and feel how someone else is feeling. Without unconditional love you can't care for someone who you aren't related too. When you combine all 3 of the final 3 senses you get a truly amazing human being who has the potential to do great things. Whats great about these last 3 senses is that they can be developed. By challenging yourself too, for example, feel what someone else is feeling. By doing it more and more you can get better and better at it to the point where you can do it without even thinking about it.

If I was going to pick a trait as the most important I would choose empathy. Empathy allows you to feel what other people are feeling. Think what other people are thinking. Most men either have it or they don't, there is generally no in between. When men have empathy, it's like a super power. They can place themselves in someone else's shoes allowing them to see the world from their view. It's from this pirch that great companies are built More problems are solved. And most importantly, more people are helped. One great example is Bill Gates who has been able to help millions of people get the vaccines they need to start life off on the right foot.

If you would like to know more about the 9 senses. How to develop them. Please don't hesitate to ask. I enjoy talking about the 9 senses because I know how important they are in my life. And I know how important they could be in yours.

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