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10 - Why You Should Take Your Money Out Of The Stock Market

"Margin Call" is a movie about a financial firm that screwed up royally right before the 2007 financial crisis. In the movie they were the first firm to fail and sell off their assets. By being the first firm to fail, they were able to get ahead of everyone else which allowed them to screw over the other people they do business with. This creates an unfortunate series of events that results in instability in the stock market that lead to recession in 2008 which lasted several years resulting in lost jobs and lost savings. Is there something we can do about this to make sure we never have a recession again? This is the million dollar question, and the answer is yes. I will explain the answer in this blog post below.

I like this movie because it illustrates how most financial firms do business. It's a "me" first attitude. It's this me first attitude that leads to terrible things happening. People losing their jobs. Banks going out of business. The last most unfortunate thing is people losing all their money. Money they have worked hard for and invested. Now they are the victim because several corporations got greedy. Millions of people lost millions of dollars overnight because of the financial crisis of 2007. Think about it, people with 401ks and investments that lost half or even more of their value because of greedy public companies and their CEO's.

Because this happens I go back and forth on the value of the stock market. Is it needed? Do I like it? What's the point? The truth I usually arrive at when I think about the stock market is that it's not really necessary for 99.9% of people. I would be truly ok if the stock market was shut dow. For the most part, I think the stock market is good for one thing, that is fear. The stock market is a great measure of fear. Right now there is little fear. The Dow, the stock market's major indicator is up past $33,000. It's crazy to think just 3 years ago the stock market was at $17,500. The stock market has nearly doubled in a 3 year span. This kind of growth is too fast and unhealthy. This creates bubbles that when they burst lead to death, despair, and recessions. Could we be on the horizon of something better? I believe so.

Is this good, is it bad, the truth is I think it's good. I believe there is a system out there that would be better than the stock market. One that would allow people's savings to accumulate as time goes on without the unnecessary gauge of "fear" and "missing out" that crosses everybody's mind constantly. For example, in 2007 after things went terrible awry. Did the economy actually hit a bottom or was the stock market just hitting a bottom that made everyone think the economy was hitting a bottom. I believe it's the latter. The stock market causes everyone to believe the economy is in the tanks even though it's not. Which is unfortunate because companies and CEO's feel the pressure to lay people off. People then feel the need to spend little money as the uncertainty clouds everyone's judgment, actions, and beliefs.

See, it's not a simple question and answer because there are so many factors. But if we harken back to "Bleed For This" the truth is, that it is simple. The point of the stock market is to make a select few people extremely wealthy so they can buy big houses and yachts while the rest of us get screwed over year after year, day after day. I am against the stock market and I will advocate for it to be bought out and shut down allowing all these great companies to go private so people can live, work, and do their jobs without this looming fear gauge that ruins more people's live than it helps. "Margin Call" is a great example that illustrates my point. If nothing ever happens, more and more people's lives will be ruined by the stock market.

I know that when I have my companies, I will never take them public because I would never want to live my life according to a gauge that feels extremely meaningful but actually, in reality, is meaningless. By keeping my companies private, I can help people realize we can live and work without a massive fear gauge that causes people to think they need to constantly be growing their money. What if in reality you were able to save money and retire rather than feeling the need to grow your money.

The stock market may have been good for a select few companies but it's time to start thinking about the next iteration and what the future holds. By buying out all the companies in the stock market, people can ring back in their money. Put it in savings accounts. Work. Live. And enjoy their time on this planet without this looming piece of shit fear gauge that only helps the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It also puts the middle class savings at risk and in some cases, helps people lose half or more of their retirement savings.

Without the stock market, people will literally be able to turn on the tv and feel relaxed knowing their money is growing because they are earning an income rather than needing their money to be growing rapidly when the stock market is bullish or losing their money when the stock market is bearish. I feel that it is my duty as an informed citizen to help push this agenda until it makes it all the way to the swamp in Washington D. C. where politicians are bought for peanuts and told to shut up, sit down, and do nothing while they make a small wage as rats for corporations that care little about their employees and even less about their customers.

By pushing this agenda we can not only bring back peace to the United States, but we can make America great. America is currently a giant piece of shit with lazy people who don't want to work. Other countries like China are crushing us and will dominate everything and everyone if we don't start to reel in the economy. I have no problem telling people to take their money out of the stock market. It's what I've done in my own life. I feel much less stress on a day to day basis. It's the right thing to do, and if you don't want to take your money out, then you can deal with the stress and the consequences of having your money invested in a bunch of companies being run by insecure clowns who have no other agenda than to increase the stock price rather than actually run their company. These CEO's do this by investing in stock buy backs to appease investors rather than investing in their employees to create new products that make the world better.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, are the few CEOs who care more about creating value and products than making money for their investors. That is why they have been able to create companies that are larger and more profitable in markets that have been dominated by massive companies for years and years. When you have a man or women who understands how the world and business life work, you will see that they want to build a company that focuses on products and building value for employees and customer's more than their investors.

The majority, and when I say majority, I mean nearly every company that participates in the stock market is run by someone who is insecure and has no value system. Public companies, which people are investing their hard earned money in are generally run by idiots. These CEO's couldn't have created and run their own company if someone had handed them the idea and the "how to" plan. So, the question is, do they deserve to control your hard earned cash? Do they deserve to control how much money you are worth today or tomorrow? The answer is no. It's a flawed system. Things need to change or else the cycle of people being hurt will continue to be repeated over and over again.

Please take your money out of the stock market and enjoy the peace of mind knowing there is one person in control of your money. You. You earned the money, you should be the one controlling it. The stock market is controlled by a handful of mostly dirty investors, dirty ceos, and dirty politicians. That is it. That is all. We saw how this played out over the Game Stop hedge fund collusion to short that stock. Please, please, please, take your money out of the stock market. It's rigged for the ultra rich institutional and hedge fund people. It's a perfect time to take your money out as it's so high.

Please, if you glean anything from this article, sell your stocks and save your money. Find ways to increase your earned income than finding ways to invest your money in the stock market. Find value in and enjoy the peace of mind knowing there is only one person who can change the balance of your savings. You!

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