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31 - How To Find Your Voice

Finding your voice is no easy task. Rather than write down a couple paragraphs on things to do I decided to make a list of things you can do to find your voice. The main things to think about are going to be doing critical thinking on your own. What's important to me? What matters to me? What do I like thinking about? What makes me laugh? What makes me cry? Asking yourself questions like this will help you understand you. Then think about different things like how do I interact with the world? How do I interreact with my life? Watch advice videos from gurus. Think about things. Apply them to yourself. Think about what your favorite comedians talk about, apply it to yourself. The more you do this the more you begin to understand the world and the more things will make sense. The more patterns you begin to see. Then your voice will shine through. But it doesn't happen without lots of work, trials, and failures. Keep seeking truth and trying to understand the why and the how. You'll be well on your way.

-Think about the world.

-Listen to people.

-Question things.

-Learn, observe, be inquisitive, seek truth.

-Develop patience.

-Become fully present.

-Realize you aren't your circumstances.

-Share opinions rooted in reality and reason.

-Share thoughts that make you feel good. That make others feel good.

-Study your hero's.

-Read books.

-Study what other people say.

-Study people you want to become. Learn how they did it.

-Think critically, ask why and how.

-Become self aware.

-Learn who you by studying your past.

-Try experiencing new things.

-Ask yourself questions to go introspective.

-Write thoughts down. Record audio.

-Solve your own problems to be fully grounded and able to think about things from other points of view.

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