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9 - How To Become Financially Free In A Greedy Society

We live in a capitalistic society. With capitalism comes money. With money comes greed. Now, the most important thing in life is not money, but the most important thing in a capitalistic society is money. The professional life will always be rewarded with money. There is really no getting around this fact. One can separate money from their personal and relational life so they can live a virtuous life that isn't ruled by money. This can be done by working for something you love rather than only working for money.

I propose people do this in several ways. The first way is by allowing people to choose their role. If someone wants to work a job, then they can. By working a job, that person is sacrificing their earning potential because they are giving up earning potential to be told what to do. Now, if someone wants to maximize their earning potential, they can do that by doing their own thing. This means they either bet on themselves or start their own company.

This second option starts with earning zero money at the beginning and growing things from there. Essentially, by starting at zero, you sacrifice money, but you gain unlimited earning potential. For those who are young or have little responsibility this is ideal. However, if you have bills and responsibility, this option is not for you because you won't be able to pay your bills.

Now, there is a third option and anyone can take part in this option. It's called boot strapping. It can be easily done in this day and age because people can work at anytime during the day thanks to the internet which runs 24/7/365. This option means working a job for money at some point during the day to pay for your bills. Then, when you aren't working your job, you can spend time working in your free time on a business or personal brand. It will start at zero and will allow you to one day make an income as your reputation grows. This will allow you to eventually quit your job and become fully self sufficient one day.

The boot strapping option is the hardest option because it requires lots of work. That is why I recommend to people who are trying to become financially free to give up as much responsibility and bills as possible. This means lowering bills by purchasing a smaller house or renting a cheaper apartment. This might even mean moving back in with your parents so you can eliminate as many bills and responsibility as possible. These options aren't sexy, but it's better to trade off bills and responsibility now so you can live a life you love down the road.

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