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57 - Why It's A Travesty Parents Raise Their Kids Without Helping Them Find Work They Love.

The current system allows kids to attend K-12 from ages ~6 to 18. Then, they obtain a GED after graduating college. Then kids are expected to go to college, making their GED negligible. College is expensive and most parents don't support their kids financially while their kids attend college to appease their parents. I believe it's a travesty that parents push their kids into college without helping them pay for it. It's even more of a travesty we send students to college who have no idea who they are or what they want to study. It's crazy to pay $10,000-$20,000 a year to figure out if they like science, math, art, or one of the other various courses of study available to college students.

You can literally go on YOUTUBE and learn about everything that's taught in a college course.

Now, once kids graduate college or even the ones who didn't go to college, I believe it' s the parents responsibility to help their kids find work or develop a business they enjoy. It could be helping your kids find work they enjoy. It could mean helping your kids find a business they enjoy using BUILD-A-BUSINESS on my website. It could mean letting your kids live with you while they work through the growing pains of starting a business. This means learning to identify who they are. It also means identifying what they want out of life. Last, I think it's ok to give kids money to grow a business and get advertising for you business. Jeff Bezos parents gave him $300,000 dollars to start Amazon. Jeff used GOOGLE ADS to start Amazon in 1990s selling books online. Now, look at Jeff in 2020. He's built one of the biggest companies in the world serving nearly ~1,000,000 employees.

Everything is easier than it ever will be to start a business with FACEBOOK ADS, INSTAGRAM ADS, or GOOGLE ADS. Right now if you are going to start a business it takes about 3 years to grow it and get your message out. Today, in 2022 it takes 3 years to gain traction. Imagine what it's going to take in 2030, 2040, or 2050 when everyone says, "I want to start a business or make music or do something for yourself." There will only be more education regarding businesses and what it takes to build a sustainable business. Right now, it's the best time to start working on a business.

Parents, you must have your child's back. Parents must push your kids to try things out. The more things you child tries and experiences, the more your child learns about themselves. Becoming an entrepreneur is excellent ''self help." You can learn more and more about yourself when you are trying to start your own business.

Things are only getting more and more competitive. Soon it will take 5 to 10 to 20 years to get a business running. It's crazy how companies like "Gym Shark" were able to leverage social media and grow it into a billion dollar brand in a 10 year span. This is an extremely competitive market since anyone can start a clothing line with a logo, website, and social media advertising. It's best to start now and know it will take at least 3 years to grow your business. It's best to find something you love and want to work at for the joy of it rather than doing it for the money.

Parents, steer your kids in the right direction. Help your kids figure out who they are. Invest in your kids businesses. I think the ideal route is to help your kids figure out where they want to live. Simultaneously, help your kids find a job that provides them with disposable income. Then, when you have disposable income, you can work to identify your own business. Try to help your kids figure out what they like to do for fun so they can start developing their own business. Use a podcast, or social media, or word of mouth to develop a business that makes them happy and helps them enjoy life!

Get a job and start a company is easy with my BUILD-A-BUSINESS program. This should be the blueprint every parent and child must go through to enjoy life and make the world better.

Main Point: If you have kids and you don't help them figure things out, you failed as a parent.

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